The eagle flies with wingspan in both directions. The flight of the contemplative man is achieved by spanning his wings temporally. The purpose of this site is two fold:

  1. To Look Back, to be the Classicist. Through invoking the Classical Tradition bestowed to us by our ancestors. To gain transcendence by keeping this flame alive. A sweep on the great institutions of the past.
  2. To Look Forward, to be the Statistician.  To talk the tone of the 21st Century. The great movers and ruptures of our time: The Analytical Mind. The Rise of the Machine. The effect of the Digital Revolution on the great institutions of the present.


In the confluence of these two great rivers of thought is situated the questioning mind. The site shall be a vessel to where the currents will take him. May he grab the reins on that vessel firmly, ere he be but a future Phaeton.